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Prerequisite: None

Energy Exchange: $250

Everything is energy, yet most of us neglect our energy body. The energy body works like a magnet and is responsible for what we attract in our lives.  The Reiki Level 1 Certification course introduces you to your energy body and does that by allowing you and your healing to be the focus in this class: it is time for you to be “selfish” (which is selfless) as this course is all about self love and self healing teaching you how to release negative energies around and within in you so you can attract the life you want. In this course you will understand how to see yourself as an energetic being and then understand how to identify, connect with and balance this energy. This course provides an in-depth study of the chakra system offering  tools for balancing your energies in an easy and accessible  way while explaining Reiki's history and lineage in a detailed and comprehensive way. You will graduate this course with not only only a certification as a Reiki Level 1 Practitioner, who can efficiently use Reiki for your own self-healing, but also with a deeper understanding for yourself (and why things happen in your life) which will inspire a daily practice of energy balance. This class is all about self love and will teach you how to give Reiki to yourself, your food, your water your environment and even plants and animals!

Become a Certified Level 1 Reiki Practioiner
Courses are completed at your own pace. Certification is awarded upon compeltion of all assignments.
This course focsues on understanding Reiki and using it for your own, self healing.
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