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The health of a human is much more than healing the physical body and it’s bones and organs.  Health imbalances can be a physical but it can also be energy related. Humans have both a physical body and energy body. Science and research have proven this to be true.  Reiki is a Japanese style of healing that brings healing to the energy body within humans. It works as both a healing tool for acute and chronic illnesses along as a stress reliever and an effective form of preventative medicine.


Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy. “Rei” means cosmic knowledge or spiritual consciousness.  “Ki” is life force or non-tangible energy that animates life. Although energy and energy healing have been around since the dawn of time because everything is energy, this organized healing module was channeled about 100 years ago from a man in Japan and passed down from person to person.

It is said the Reiki calls the student when he or she is ready: like a magnet you were drawn to this website to be introduced to this type of healing through  a long distance healing session and/or becoming a certified practitioner. Trust the medicine is already working as Reiki is an energy that attract those who want positive energy in their life.

What is Reiki?

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