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Because Reiki connects with energy and all energies are connected in a massive web known as the universe (we are all one) you can experience a profound and life-changing Reiki healing session from the comfort of your home. Healing is literally a click away.


All you need to do is connect your Reiki Master and a healing will be given with a detailed explanation of what was channeled (the messages are received through Reiki from Angels and Spirit Guides (other energies on other realms looking for your highest good).

​A session includes channeling: the messages your Reiki master receives  will dictate how the rest of the session goes which may include physical, mental ,emotional, or energetic balances and relief or the session can get deeper and include past life retrieval, cord cutting, energy realignment and DNA reconfiguration: the end result is always the same: you will be at a better place more centered, light, and balanced. You will feel physically, emotionally, energetically, and/or mentally balanced. After the session is complete, your Reiki Master will send you a detailed guide of what was done and any messages you needed to hear to further extend your healings. You will be amazed at what you learn.

If you feel drawn, you can also request a specific type of healing if something on this list stands out to you.  Just make this request to your Reiki Master. Offers include:


*Past Life Retrieval

*Cord Cutting to release bad habits or attachments (Great for addictive behaviors)

*Chakra Balancing

*Reiki for Grief

*Reiki for those transitioning to death

*Reiki for fetuses and Mothers-to-be (during pregnancy or labor)

*Soul Memory Retrieval

*DNA Reprogramming

*Reiki for Miracles

*Angel Readings

*Reiki for Abundance and Money Drawing

*Tarot Readings

*Ancestral Blockage Removal

*Soulmate Callings (Reiki to call in love)

*Emotional Coding (Reiki to release any physical pain)

Recieve a long distance healing.


Energy Exchange: $150

50% for current or graduate students 

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