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"We all have the power to heal with our hands, as our hands, they are an extension of our heart, and the heart, well, that has the power to heal anything."


-Shawna Schenk, Reiki Master

Residing in San Diego, California, Shawna has certified hundreds upon hundreds in energy medicine. She can be found leading energy courses and Reiki certification classes along with instructing yoga in festivals, retreats, and classes online and throughout the world. Shawna believes when you get attuned, you are simply being reminded of all the beautiful power you have that is sometimes forgotten.


Shawna created this website as a result from  a message channeled to her from her guides: she believes anyone reading this bio and anyone who has found this site has been devinely guided here and  are destined to learn together: this is how energy works. Like a magnent it draws exactly the souls who  are destined for this medicine that learning about and practicing energy brings. 

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