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Become a Certified Reiki Master
The Reiki Mastership Program lasts 12 months. Courses are open enrollment and completed on 29.5 day cycles (honoring the moon) starting the day you enroll. Certification is awarded upon compeltion of all assignments. This course focuses on refining your skill and connection with Reiki for your own healing and that of others. During the course of this training you will build your own Reiki business while elevating your own level of energy as you become to understand  energy more clearly. Upon graduation, you will be able to adminster your own Reiki Level 1 and 2  certification classes attuning others with the powerful gift of Reiki. 
Course Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2
Cycle 1: The Master's Symbol
Cycle 3: Sound Healing and Reiki
Cycle 2: Abundance: The Business of Reiki
Cycle 5: Channeling Messages
Cycle 6: Psychic Games
$108 per cycle
Cycle 7: Angels and Reiki
Cycle 8: Reiki Water Ceremonies
Cycle 9: Reiki Fire Ceremonies
Cycle 10: Releasing Business Blockages
Cycle 11: Writing the Reiki Manual
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