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Become a Reiki Healer

Energy is timeless, spaceless and limitless. You can receive and give Reiki from any place to any place. The same is true for learning this healing medicine.

Recieve a long distance healing.

Because Reiki connects with energy and all energies are connected in a massive web known as the universe (we are all one) you can experience a profound and life-changing Reiki healing session from the comfort of your home. Healing is literally a click away.


 The Reiki Level 1 Certification course teaches how to identify, connect with and balance the energy around and within your body. This class is all about balancing and healing the self, for when you have self love, magic happens and anything is possible. 


What is Reiki?

The health of a human is much more than healing the physical body and it’s bones and organs.  Health imbalances can be a physical but it can also be energy related. Humans have both a physical body and energy body. Science and research have proven this to be true.  Reiki is a Japanese style of healing that brings healing to the energy body within humans. It works as both a healing tool for acute and chronic illnesses along as a stress reliever and an effective form of preventative medicine.

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